C Estates (XCET)


C Estates (XCET)


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C Estate’s backbone is Capitarise Corporation, a property management consulting company in real estate that established their expertise in pioneering cross-border transactions. 

C Estates is airdropping 2,500 xCET coins to the participants and 500 xCET coins for each referral. 

1. Sign up to the C Estates Airdrop site and confirm your mail.

2. Join C Estates on Telegram. (You must leave at least one constructive message)

3. Follow C Estates on Twitter.

4. Retweet the Pinned Tweet with the hashtag #CEstates #TokenizedRealEstatePlatform #PoweredByNEM #Blockchain #RealEstate

5. Like/Follow C Estates on Facebook.

6. Share the Pinned Post with the hashtag #CEstates #TokenizedRealEstatePlatform #PoweredByNEM #Blockchain #RealEstate

7. Join C Estates on the Facebook group

8. Follow C Estates on Medium. You must applaud/claps all the posts.

9. Submit your participation to the C Estates Airdrop form

10. Create your referral link and get +500 xCET tokens for each person you invite.

11. Post a Proof of Authentication on the Airdrop thread using this format:

         #Proof of Authentication
          Bitcointalk username:
          Bitcointalk profile link:
          Telegram username:
          Twitter username:
          Facebook profile link:


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