Ten Billion Coin (YBY)


Ten Billion Coin (YBY)

Value : ~~$ 15 | Views : 224

Ten Billion Coin’s goal is to help companies integrate blockchain technology as a tool for their business the same way that internet integration began in the 90’s.

Ten Billion Coin is airdropping 3,000 YBY tokens (~$ 15) to the first 5,000 participants.


1. Visit the Ten Billion Coin Airdrop form.

2. Join Ten Billion Coin on Telegram.

3. Follow Ten Billion Coin on Twitter & retweet this tweet..

4. Follow Ten Billion Coin on Instagram & tag 3 friends in the comment section of a post.

5. Like Ten Billion Coin on Facebook & repost this post.

6. Subscribe to Ten Billion Coin on YouTube.

7. Visit the Ten Billion Coin website.

8. Send a mail to with screenshots of the completed tasks.

9. Submit your Ethereum Wallet Address & details to the airdrop form.

10. You will receive 3,000 YBY tokens.



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