MeconCash (MCH)


MeconCash (MCH)


Value : ~$ 5 | Views : 280

MeconCash offers a blockchain-based new paradigm for a mobile app, game service and P2P trade of cryptocurrency. MeconCash will be used as a payment method and reward currency in mobile applications, games, and character services in the blockchain ecosystem. 

MeconCash is airdropping free MCH coins worth ~$ 5 to airdrop participants.


1. Go to the MeconCash Airdrop form.

2. Join MeconCash Group on Telegram.

3. Join MeconCash Channel on Telegram.

4. Join MeconCashGame on Telegram.

5. Complete Identity verification in the airdrop form & submit your details.

6. Once the MeconCash Game App is ready, you will receive a mail with a code to the app. You will receive your free MCH tokens in the app.


Note: Starting on August 5, 2019, MeconCash will send 3,000 codes for the app every monday to airdrop participants. There will be 4 rounds of this in total. First come, first serve.


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