MeconCash Round 2 (MCH)


MeconCash Round 2 (MCH)

Value : ~$ 5 + more | Views : 577

MeconCash offers a blockchain-based new paradigm for a mobile app, game service and P2P trade of cryptocurrency. 

MeconCash is airdropping ~$ 5 in MCH coins to participants. Also, take part in the games up to 1600 MCH coins every week.


1. Visit the MeconCash Airdrop form.

2. Join MeconCash Group & Channel on Telegram.

3. Submit your mail to this page to get your code. The code will be shown on the same page. If there is no code, the system will automatically send you a mail. It may be in the spam section. Open the mail and follow the link.

4. After you have received the code, follow these easy steps to get your free MCH coins.

5. You can join the fun clown fish hunter game to claim up to 1600 MCH coins every week. You can check the airdrop form for more games. 

6. Once the MeconCash Game App is ready, you will receive a mail with a code to the app. You will receive your free MCH coins in the app.


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