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ZOM is a cryptocurrency initiative to facilitate health and wellness coverage for consumers. ZOM’s native blockchain is Ethereum. Its primary use involves the acquisition of PASSES that provide discounts at select partners ranging from 5% to 15%. These PASSES are digital in nature and have a colour spectrum identifier that focuses on three categories: Medical, Fitness and Diet.

ZOM is airdropping 50 ZOM tokens to the participants. ICO price: 1 ZOM = 0.10 USD

1. Submit your Email and your ERC20 wallet address to the ZOM Airdrop page

2. Check your Email for Mail providing your ZOM Airdrop ID. 

3. Join the ZOM Telegram Channel and share the message: “I advocate for ZOM!”, along with your ZOM ID. Eg. 'I advocate for ZOM! ZOM-C-ID-0000'

4. Follow the Yazom Twitter page and tweet “#ZOM is health and wellness done right.”, along with your ZOM ID. Eg. #ZOM is health and wellness done right. ZOM-C-ID-0000.

5. Follow the ZOM Reddit page and make a post titled - “I joined because I want better health and wellness for humanity”, along with your ZOM ID. Eg. I joined because I want better health and wellness for humanity. ZOM-C-ID-0000.

6. You can receive a maximum of 50 ZOM tokens.


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