ELAD Network (ELAD)


ELAD Network (ELAD)


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The ELAD Network property platform is the portal for real estate fractional ownership and direct Peer 2 Peer property sales. The platform will provide a conduit for purchase and investment in commercial and residential real estate using most popular cryptocurrencies. Build a diverse portfolio, own a piece of London, New York or Paris. Use the latest blockchain technology to maximise returns and control your investments.

ELAD Network is airdropping up to 75 ELAD tokens to the participants and 5 ELAD tokens for each referral. ICO price: 1 ELAD = 0.00125 ETH

1. Chat with the ELAD Network Airdrop Telegram bot. 

2. Submit your ERC20 wallet address. 

3. Join ELAD Network on Telegram Group. (5 ELAD)

4. Join ELAD Network on Telegram Channel. (5 ELAD)

5. Follow ELAD Network on Twitter and retweet this Tweet. (10 ELAD)

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13. Fill out the KYC Application form. (5 ELAD)

14. Invite your friends to earn 5 ELAD tokens for each. 


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