Verasity Triviata (VRAB)


Verasity Triviata (VRAB)


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Verasity builds the infrastructure and tools for video publishers to serve rewarded video and loyalty programs.

Verasity Triviata is airdropping $10k in VRAB tokens to the participants. Earn crystals in the Triviata App to get to the top of the competition leaderboard! 1st Place: $5k in VRAB, 2nd Place: $2.5k in VRAB, 3rd Place: $1k in VRAB, 4th-10th Place: $140 in VRAB, 11-100 Place: 15000 VRAB. 

  1. Open a VeraWallet account at, if you don’t have one.
  2. Install Triviata from the Google Play Store or from the iOS App Store.
  3. Sign up for your Triviata account with your VeraWallet email. (if not you will not be eligible for prizes)
  4. Click ‘Competitions’ button, then ‘Verasity competition’, see popup and join now.
  5. To see the competition Leaderboard, click on the Competitions button and select ‘Verasity Competition’.
  6. Top leaderboard competitors are shown 1-100, below that your ranking is shown separately if you are not in the top 100.
  7. To earn the most crystals, click on the Earn More button and choose offers from the Offer Wall.
  8. To switch Offer Walls for more choice of Offers, close the Offer Wall and click on Earn More button again.
  9. At the end of the contest, they will contact you by email with your prize and send it directly to your VeraWallet.

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