SafePost Round 2 (STAMP AND ETH)


SafePost Round 2 (STAMP AND ETH)

Value : ~$ 1.5 + Ethereum + Referral | Views : 753

SafePost is a decentralized encrypted messaging platform based on Open Source technology using among others the blockchain. This technology gives you the guarantee that the algorithms are safe and have no back door.

SafePost is airdropping a total of $700 in Ethereum tokens & 1,000 STAMP tokens (~$ 1.5) for every participant. Invite friends with your referral link to earn 100 STAMP tokens for every referral (~$ 0.15).

The prizes will be distributed as follow:

  • The 1st prize: $200 in Ethereum;
  • The 2nd prize: $100 in Ethereum;
  • The 3rd and 4th prize: $50 in Ethereum each;
  • The 5 following prizes: $20 in Ethereum each;
  • The 10 following prizes: $10 in Ethereum each.


1. Create an account on the SafePost Platform. (+ 1,000 STAMPYou need to have at least 5 contacts in your account.

2. Use the SafePost platform by sending mails to your contacts.

3. The winners of this Airdrop will be selected on January 1st, 2020, according to the number of messages they send through Safepost during the month of December.

4. To be eligible fo the Airdrop, participants must send a minimum daily average of 3 messages through SafePost during the month of December.

5. Invite friends to the SafePost platform to earn an additional 100 STAMP tokens for every referral.


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