TNC Coin (TNC)


TNC Coin (TNC)


Value : ~$ 265 | Views : 318

TNC Coin is a blockchain infrastructure offering high scalability and robust security engineered to the demands of innovative games and the e-sports industry. Know the underlining network features that make TNC Coin the optimal blockchain for gaming development.

TNC IT Group is airdropping 1000 TNC tokens to 10,000 airdrop participants.

  1. Visit the TNC Coin Airdrop form. 
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  7. Download the Aladdin Pro wallet from the Google Play or iOS App stores.
  8. Click the checkbox beside “Download Aladdin Pro wallet” on the TNC airdrop form.
  9. Submit your TNC Coin wallet address and your details to the TNC airdrop form. 


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